Summit for Campus Climate and Sexual Misconduct at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Madison Summit Agenda

Photos and Press


Antonia Abbey Wayne State University
Busch-Armendariz Noel University of Texas at Austin
Brett Carter University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Gretchen Clum Tulane University
Sarah L. Cook Georgia State University
Amalia Corby-Edwards American Psychological Association
Lilia Cortina University of Michigan
Karol Dean Mercy College
Louise Douce Ohio University
Louise Fitzgerald University of Illinois
Bill Flack Bucknell College
Janet Hyde University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jennifer Freyd University of Oregon
Jaray E. Gillespie Georgia State University
Anne Hedgepeth American Association of University Women
Kate Holland University of Michigan
Mary P. Koss University of Arizona
Felicia McGinty Rutgers University
Meredith Smith University of Connecticut
Kate Stover
Kevin M. Swartout Georgia State University
Jackie W. White University of North Carolina-Greensboro